Challenge System   Any boxer can challenge if qualified.   Any qualified ranked boxer can challenge the #1 contender, there are no set time limits on these challenges.   Only the #1 Contender can challenge the Champion.   A challenge has to be done giving the Champion 30 days notice and the Champion can pick the place and date within... [Read more of this review]

2015 Minutes

MINUTES LAST MEETING M/S/Passed   CREDENTIALS CHECK Everyone at the meeting had voting rights M/S/Passed   Kevin Reynolds, Mateo Coric, Dave Schuck, Terry Cooke, John ?? Gregg Harrison, Shawn O’Donnell, Jeanne Brown, James Allison, Inder Bisla, Stephan Lapre, Nick Csaszar   1. Presidents Reports   2. Elections All Positions... [Read more of this review]

Combsport News

Combsport News By Dave Allison   I hope you are enjoying the summer and the short break in Boxing Action.   I am currently working on our insurance renewal. We carry a $5million dollar insurance policy and have carried this policy for 5 years without incident. It has been my goal for some time to add to our coverage and have a body injury policy... [Read more of this review]

WBC Canadian Championships

The Canadian Championships   The WBC Canadian Championships are taking place in Ontario and will be held in October. The WBC Western Championships will take place May 31 and will be in Kelowna BC. To Advance to the Canadian Championships you will need to be a Western Champion. The changes in this years process compared to last years process are... [Read more of this review]

Road To Gold

  Road to Gold   For the first time in some years we are seeing some excitement around a Silver Gloves. It seems everyone wants to enter and also enter the Golden Gloves. For the first time in years Boxers will have to fight their way to the Golden Gloves. One of the sad results of 30 plus years of Boxing Canada is the ongoing degrading of... [Read more of this review]

Fights We Would Like To See

Fights We Would Like To See   In The beginning of the year it is always fun to speculate on the fights we would like to see in the upcoming year. With the talent pool as deep as it is in Combsport we will look at some matches and speculate on how the fights would look.   Ron Pryce vs Josh Wright   We will see the fight Friday Jan 24.... [Read more of this review]